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Waanzin – Renate Dorrestein

This project is about redesign an existing Dutch book, based on your interpretation. I also designed a package that suits the subject. The book that I’ve chosen is ‘Buitenstaanders’ (Outsiders), by Renate Dorrestein.

The book:
The book starts with a couple that’s going on vacation with their two young sons, but they get involved in a car accident. A passing mentally disordered girl leads them to the nearest house, which is quite strange looking. Even more unusual are the residents, who immediately inolve them in the preparations for a feast that evening. Within a few hours, weird things start to happen. The relativistic, often humorous tone make this novel, balancing on the border between novel and a psychological thriller, a very remarkable book.

My interpretation:
To me this book was pure madness (waanzin in Dutch) and I’m still not sure what to think of it. It got me really confused. Despite the book is well written and the humor appealed to me, the book left a strange feeling behind. I decided to focus on the personalities of the residents, who in my opinion all had at least three mental disorders. I have tried to portray these mental disorders through text and image use.

– Mental disorders through text and image use (brainscans & medications)
– A creepy childlike font, which reminds me of horror movies. I’ve made outlines from the body text, so that I could stretch it out and make it look like scratches, to make it look like someone tried to harm it

I’ve put my book inside a self-made straitjacket. I found a perfect leather dog leash and some kind of creepy equipment kit for a medic in war, bought from the army dump. Luckily my book fit right in there!

I do not own any of the photo’s you see in my book, apart from the painted brain scans and the drawing. I’ve made and redesigned the book of Renate Dorrestein to my interpretation.



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