Identity / Web / App
For: Vondellab
This assignment was to design an app and website for a school project about the Vondelpark. The intention was to get more people into the park through events. The event could be anything.

My idea was to start a dating event. A dating event where you can cook together as a couple. You can register yourself for this event on the app or website, you’ll meet up with the other registered people in a restaurant. Once there, you pick out your date with the app.

You will be cooking on a laboratory on wheels. On the laboratory you’ll find three test tubes, each with a different color: red, green and black. At the end of the date your dish will be presented for your date. If the color of your dish is red, then your date wants go on a next date with you. When it’s black, he/she obviously won’t. When it’s green, there’s doubt and you’ll be send on a new date with this person.

In the app you can easily find recipes or add any recipe you like. You can also share your stories, experiences and recipes on social media.